Best 19 ideas for bedroom door decoration

The bedroom door occupies an important place in the interior of the room. It serves not only as an obstacle to noise, delimits space and allows privacy, but also is a noticeable decoration item.

There are several reasons why you might want to start decorating a bedroom door:

  1. first, despite the huge selection of ready-made (and very attractive) doors, it is sometimes very difficult to find a suitable model. Sometimes all the doors seem to be the same — “I’ve seen this one from the neighbors”, “and this one looks like the door to our office”. Repeat and acquire something unoriginal and become banal do not want, because your interior is unique, so the door must match.
  2. Second, even an old door with scratches, flaking paint, and stains, it is unknown how often so you do not want to change! After all, any replacement of the door is also a replacement of the box itself, which is associated with dust, plaster, sealing the resulting cracks, the need to change the Wallpaper (at least around the new door) — in General, with local, and sometimes major repairs.

That is why sometimes it is much easier for the owner to update an already installed door “without leaving the place”, that is, without changing the entire box, right here in the room. Of course, in some cases, you will still have to remove the door from its hinges, but it is much easier and faster than starting a full-fledged repair. Whatever the reasons that prompted you to start decorating the bedroom door, let’s just say that often you do not need almost anything except the materials left over from the last repair.

So, we offer you 14 ideas for decorating the bedroom door, which you may want to bring to life by decorating your interior.


The first idea. Paint, just paint


The easiest way, without frills and extra work to put the door in order. To do this, you will first need to remove the door from its hinges, then walk over it with a spatula, removing old paint, level the surface with sandpaper, seal the cracks and scratches with putty, remove greasy spots, glue the glass, if the door is with glass, paint tape, so as not to get dirty, and you can pick up a roller or brush! It is better to choose acrylic paint — it dries faster, and paint the door in a horizontal position — so the paint will not drain and will lie more evenly. However, if it is convenient for you to do all the above on a vertically standing door-you can not remove it from the hinges. Just do not forget to put something on the floor during painting.

White, just painted door. Updating it or repainting it in a different color will not be difficult, although moldings and carvings need special, careful handling during sanding and removing the layer of old paint.



The idea of a second. We paint in several colors


The option is more complicated, although it is also associated with coloring. In this case, we do not just paint the door in one color but create a simple or complex geometric pattern of stripes, squares, rhombuses, and so on. Previously, the door must be prepared, as in the first case — that is, clean of old paint and level the surface. However, in this case, we will need much more paint tape — it is with this tape that you will distinguish the zones between strips or rectangles. In addition, in order not to buy several cans of paint of different colors, you can buy white paint (one liter for the door is quite enough), as well as several dyes with which you can experiment with shades.

Gold and white, blue and pale pink, bright stripes on a neutral background, rhombuses, and sinuous lines — a variety of patterns and color combinations can appear on the canvas of your door.

When choosing a geometric pattern, remember that a wide stripe across the entire door leaf is more suitable for the country style, and for classics, it is better to choose other options, for example, paint the top of the door in a lighter shade and divide the parts with a horizontal stripe.



The idea of a third. Select moldings


Also painting the door, which in General is not too different from the first option. However, in this case, we will focus on the moldings, painting them in a contrasting color. White and black are a great combination, but already a hackneyed one, so thinks about which colors will look best with each other. Designers have long recognized white and green, blue and yellow, red, and dark blue as an excellent option. This door will look great in a Bohemian boudoir, and in a strict classic men’s bedroom.

The white door with highlighted black moldings is a real classic. By the way, if your door does not have such decorations, they are easy to make yourself — special thin wooden slats are sold, which are simply nailed to the canvas.



The idea of the fourth. We paint according to the finished stencil


A very convenient and easy way to turn your door into a work of art, even if you do not have the talent of an artist. Ready-made stencils can be purchased in construction and specialty stores or ordered on one of the sites, and the choice of drawings and patterns is very large. Then we simply apply the stencil to the already prepared door and apply the paint. Easy, fast, and as a result — very beautiful!

It is easy to apply a drawing on a ready-made stencil, and the choice will allow you to choose an original inscription, an exotic pattern, and an unusual picture.



The idea of a fifth. Art painting


Unlike all the options already listed for decorating the door, this option is not for everyone. To create a real masterpiece on an ordinary door, you will need the talent of an artist and certain skills with brushes, since the roller is no longer enough. Imagine that your door is a blank white canvas on which, thanks to your skill, a beautiful landscape, a cheerful picture, or an exquisite pattern will appear. Fine hand painting always looks expensive and stylish, and you can achieve this effect by spending money only on the purchase of paints.

Ready-made interior doors with artistic paintings are offered by many companies. They are, of course, not cheap, so you can try to create something like this with your own hands. Are you afraid that it won’t work? You can always just paint over an unsuccessful drawing!



Idea six. Children’s creativity


Does your kid like to draw? Give him this opportunity-let he decorates the door to the children’s room. Yes, such a naive, bright drawing will be inappropriate in a strict living room, but as a decoration for a children’s room — a great option. Just agree with the young artist that the second half of the door is already your field for imagination!

Usually, children’s paint is washed off very easily, so that your novice artist will be able to paint the door again at least every day. But you will have to pre-prepare the canvas, bringing the door in order.



The idea the seventh. Unusual texture with paint


If you think that just applying paint is boring, but you are afraid to take up hand painting, you can try to achieve an unusual texture, for example, the effect of a wooden surface or an antique door with very simple devices. So, with a sponge, you can get a spotty surface, steel wool will help to achieve the effect of an old door, a hard brush-to create an expressive surface of the denim. There are also special ready-made paints that perfectly imitate jeans, wood, canvas, velvet, or slate.

On this door, painted like a slate, it is convenient to leave messages to the household.



The idea of the eighth. Wall murals


If all the previous ideas were only about working with paints and brushes, then this method is suitable for those who do not want to mess with paint. Photo Wallpapers will instantly transform the appearance of your interior door, turning it into a bright design element. Of course, it is best to buy Wallpaper designed specifically for doors — in this case, your drawing will definitely look complete. Ready-made Wallpapers usually have a standard size of 86×220 centimeters, so they are suitable only for standard doors and without moldings and glass inserts. However, now many online stores offer custom door Wallpapers, so you can choose the option that is ideal for your door, with any pattern. You can trim the size of doors and ordinary wall murals, but in this case, the drawing may look unfinished.

Before you paste the Wallpaper, the door must be cleaned of stains, and the surface should be leveled, sanded and degreased with a solvent. You can use ordinary Wallpaper glue, but PVA is much more reliable. The disadvantages of this option of decorating the door can be attributed to the fact that a bright image will immediately catch your eye, so it can quickly get boring. In addition, the Wallpaper on the door will lose its original appeal due to frequent touches. However, no one will stop you in a couple of months to change the Wallpaper on the door to something more original.

Especially popular are photo Wallpapers with picturesque landscapes.

Photo Wallpapers on the door will help to make a small room visually larger due to the increased panoramic perspective. And it is very easy to paste them, you do not even need to remove the door from its hinges.



The idea of the ninth. Normal Wallpaper


Before this decoration was very popular, but now many designers consider it bad manners. This does not prevent the usual Wallpaper, “migrated” to the door, to remain a popular way to decorate the interior. Alternatively, you can buy cork Wallpaper and cover the top with varnish for reliability. Their unusual texture will make the door more original.

The preparation of the door is exactly the same as in the case of using Wallpaper. The main advantage is cheapness, since you can use Wallpaper leftover from previous repairs, and ease of decoration. The main drawback — fast wear — at the joints, the Wallpaper can peel off and tear.

Wallpaper pasted not on the entire door, but on the parts highlighted by moldings, looks more spectacular

The door, covered with the same Wallpaper as the walls, will literally merge with the interior. On the backside of the door, of course, is covered with other Wallpaper, so as not to stand out against the wall of another room.



The idea of a tenth. Fabric instead of Wallpaper


This option will look especially cute and homey. The door decorated with fabric looks original, the choice of fabrics today is surprisingly wide, but this method has its drawbacks.

If you choose a single piece of fabric to decorate the door, you should take care of the original drawing.

First, when choosing a fabric, make sure that the glue does not leave spots on it. Secondly, the edges of the fabric should be pre-processed, otherwise, the protruding threads will not look very aesthetically pleasing. Third, fabric-decorated doors are not suitable for every style of interior design. Those who are fond of patchwork, that is, creating canvases from different pieces of fabric, can turn their door into a real application of bright scraps. By the way, if the door has a place to insert glass, you can hang a small curtain here, fixing it on a fishing line and small nails.

Very nice door, decorated with technology patchwork. The trouble is that such bright patches have nothing to do with the classic style of the interior, it is rather an option for “rustic” and colorful country.



The idea of the eleventh. Posters, maps, paper


An option for creative people and a great idea for a teen’s room. You can decorate the door with a poster and an image of your favorite artist or band, sheets from an old geographical Atlas, or sheet music. It is as easy to paste such paper sheets and posters as ordinary Wallpaper.

An old geographical map will be appropriate even on the interior door of an ordinary living room, but posters are better to “settle” in the room of a teenager.



The idea of the twelfth. All kinds of stickers


This simple and not too expensive way of decorating the door is becoming more popular today. Vinyl stickers can be purchased in online stores, the cost of a standard door size model starts from $ 30, they are glued very easily, and will last longer than normal photo Wallpapers.

If you do not want to hide the entire door behind stickers, you can buy small images — a butterfly, a bright flower, and so on. They are cheaper, and the appearance of the door will transform thoroughly.

Often stickers can look like ordinary photo Wallpapers and sometimes-like hand-painted on a white door or a child’s drawing.



The idea thirteenth. Decoupage


The technology of meticulously cutting out the images you like from paper and further composing applications from these pieces allows you to transform not only the box or the cover of a photo album, but also an ordinary door. Everything that a novice master of the ancient art of decoupage will need: paper drawings, napkins with a favorite pattern, postcards, and so on — everything from which you can cut a drawing, a brush, PVA glue, scissors, glitter, acrylic varnish, contour, and acrylic paint.

In the process of decoupage, you can use literally anything — from scraps of old Newspapers to greeting cards.

In a brief description, the process looks like this: we apply a layer of white acrylic paint to the surface of the door, wait for it to dry, then another layer — and wait again until it is completely dry. Then apply a layer of paint of the selected shade, and then attach the cut-out paper drawings with PVA glue. At the same time, we try to glue the piece as evenly as possible, without folds and expel all air bubbles. We can use the glitter and outline to draw dots, stripes, and other small details. Then the finished picture is covered with a layer of varnish. That’s all. The rest is your imagination and beautifully selected drawings.

The decoupage technique allows you to create amazingly beautiful paintings, and the lacquer coating will extend the service life of the decor.



The idea fourteenth. Mosaic


The door, decorated with bright mosaics, will be an excellent option. Moreover, it is not necessary to use pieces of ceramic for this purpose — in this case, the door may turn out to be too heavy. You can create a mosaic from pieces of wood or veneer, or buy a ready-made one made of glass.

In this case, a bright mosaic of glass takes up most of the door, making it very unusual and cheerful.

The mosaic is attached with a special glue to the prepared and cleaned surface. It is worth thinking about all the details of the pattern in advance, drawing a diagram of the location of the pieces with a pencil. By the way, you can decorate not only the door itself but also the box with mosaic, highlighting the slopes using the selected drawing.

Creating a mosaic pattern is a huge space for creativity. And if some part still falls — it can always be attached back.



The idea of a fifteenth. Stained glass


For doors with glass, stained glass is perfect. The result, as a rule, looks original and spectacular. Acrylic or special stained glass paint may be suitable. They can actually be purchased in stores for artists. Most often they are sold in whole sets with detailed instructions. You can apply absolutely any drawing to the glass. In addition to paints, you will need a contour. It creates “metal” borders between the painted pieces of colored glass. When working, it is better to carefully remove the glass from the door to avoid smudges and accidental drops on the tree itself.


The actions are performed in the following sequence. Glass is cleaned from dust and dirt, degreased. Translate from a printed drawing or apply a” hand-drawn ” outline. It should dry well, it can take up to three days. Most likely, you will need to re-apply the contour to make it look more voluminous. Paint the divided pieces with different colors, let them dry.



The idea sixteenth. Make your bedroom bigger with a mirror


This is another creative way to decorate the bedroom door. You can make a lot of small mirrors on the door to make your bedroom space bigger. It is also a creative way to move the flow of energy around your room and create a sense of calm.

This idea will be very useful if you have a small bedroom to make it look more spacious. Using a mirror as a decoration for your door, you will get 2 advantages. The first is to make the decoration of your bedroom door look more attractive, and the second is to make the room look wider and more spacious.

When choosing a mirror for your bedroom door, one important thing should be considered: choose a mirror with the right weight that your door can handle. If you put a mirror that is too heavy for your door, it can damage your room door, especially if your room door is made of a material that is not too stable. Another solution is that you can use stickers with mirror motifs that are currently widely available on the market, but of course, the results of reflection from the mirror are not as good as the real one.

Also, if you are using an original mirror, make sure that the mirror is properly installed on your door to avoid falling.

Tips: a Regular rectangular mirror looks very boring, you can avoid this by using different mirror shapes to give a more artistic effect. For example, you can choose a hexagonal mirror.



The idea seventeenth. Create Shiny and Modern Bedroom Door using HPL


Besides wallpaper material, you can also use HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) material to decorate your room door. In contrast to wallpaper, HPL material is generally more shiny, giving rise to a mirror-like effect, which makes your door shinier and makes the room feel more spacious. It also gives more modern and minimalist looks rather than wallpaper which more suited to classical ones.

And just like using wallpaper, you can also combine 2 or more HPL colors and motifs with the help of a list to get a more interesting effect. The use of HPL material to decorate this room is perfect for modern/contemporary/minimalist concept rooms.



The idea of the eighteenth. Molding


Polyurethane molding is a modern and stylish finishing option that is quick to install and cheap. It is optimal to glue this type of decor that imitates stucco, using liquid nails on a pre-prepared surface.

A cheaper option is elements made of foam, but their main drawback is excessive fragility and instability to mechanical impact.

Textured moldings are three-dimensional elements and decorative panels made of:

  • wood
  • bamboo’s
  • metal’s
  • polymers



The idea of the nineteenth. Creative approach


Decorating a door leaf with the help of improvised tools is very simple, and the result is often more attractive than after design projects.

Almost any materials or their remnants will be suitable for finishing, such as:

  • paper
  • seashells
  • sea pebbles
  • broken glass
  • computer disks
  • egg trays
  • ropes
  • burlap


The scope of imagination, in this case, is not limited by anything, and the surface of the door often does not even need to be putty and sanded. Minor defects are visually hidden. This can be various compositions in the form of flowers, simulations of the seafloor, humorous scenes.



An old door can become a real art object, just put a little imagination and effort. To begin with, you can use one of the simplest ideas, and then, having got into the taste, try yourself in the art of decoupage or painting. In any case, your door will definitely be the only one of its kind!



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