Ideas to cover a door opening

Abandoning traditional doors between rooms is a decision that will change a lot in your home. There will be more space in the rooms, and the interior will get an original look. We will show you the coolest ideas to cover a door opening.

The first reason for this replacement is that there is so little space in the room that the classic door simply has nowhere to open. However, you can fantasize with doorways and in large spaces to make the interior more original, and new interior partitions – more practical than conventional doors.


1. The compartment door


Plus, this design-opening to the sides, without interfering with the space of the room. A great option is to use translucent compartment doors, through which light will pass from the next room — this will create a sense of integrity of the entire apartment. However, it makes sense to install sliding doors only on a wide wall. After all, they need enough space to completely move away and open the passage.



2. The door-case


These doors have the same principle as sliding doors-compartments. Only the pencil cases do not move apart from the outside along the wall, and when opened, they hide inside. This allows you to use the wall next to the opening: hang a picture or put furniture near it. Pencil case doors are more difficult to install than a coupe, but they look more aesthetically pleasing and neater.



3. Folding door


They are also called accordion doors — because of their specific design. These doors are stacked to one side, which saves space and does not require a wide wall, as in the case of sliding doors. And you also get a functional and very original interior decoration.



4. Roto-door


Have you ever heard of a Roto-door? Exactly a cool idea for a modern interior. The secret of such a door is that it opens in both directions. Thanks to the unusual design, the door simultaneously opens and moves slightly to the side (rotational rotation). This mechanism will allow you to save free space in your room.



5. Glass partition


If compartment doors and pencil cases are designed to differentiate the space of rooms, then sliding glass partitions have a different goal-to visually combine them, while leaving a conditional zoning. Glass doors are very elegant, they make the interior light and visually expand it. But they require careful handling because of their fragility.



6. Folding screens


Screens are a very convenient and easy way to add a little privacy to any corner of your home that you need. Since it is usually portable, it can even be used to divide the space, especially if You have an open-plan apartment.



7. Curtains


Thick fabric curtains will differentiate the rooms and at the same time eliminate the need to open the doors — just move the canvas to be in another room. Unlike traditional doors, curtains offer a richer palette and style diversity. So they are more useful in a decorative sense.



8. Curtains of filaments


These curtains are easier to handle than thick fabric curtains. They also give the interior a light and airy appearance. These threads can be decorated with beads or another small decor.



9. Curtains of beads


When it is difficult to choose a door in accordance with the doorway or you need to save precious centimeters of a small home, decorative curtains made of beads are useful. These curtains will perfectly complement any existing style (from glamour to classics), depending on what material the beads are made of – wood, glass, plastic.



10. Curtains made of bamboo


Bamboo interior curtains are a great option for an ethnic apartment with an abundance of wood. They will complement the interior and emphasize its exoticism. You can pick up the original curtains made of bamboo, which form a consistent pattern in the closed state.



11. Bamboo rolls


Every day, bamboo roller blinds for doorways are becoming more popular due to the naturalness of the materials used in their manufacture. In addition, bamboo is not afraid of moisture and has antibacterial properties.

This design element can be used either independently or as an additional addition to the installed glass door, in order to prevent the ingress of excessive light.



12. Vertical blinds


Another convenient sliding design. But we are not talking about window blinds, but about special ones designed for the door — they are longer and wider. Their main advantage is that the blinds do not require a lot of space. It is also a lightweight material that does not load the interior with its appearance and perfectly lets in air.



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