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How to decorate a bed without headboard

Today we will touch upon an important aspect of the bedroom interior decor, namely the headboard.

Of course, this is not a mandatory attribute, but this fragment can complete and complement the image, making the situation interesting colors, textures.

To your attention a variety of styles, from chic design works to simple, do not require even financial investments.

We hope that our huge list of ideas will be able to offer you some inspiration for the implementation of one of the proposed options on how to decorate a bed without headboard.


Heat-treated wood


Wooden boards are popular because they add heat to the room due to the material and natural qualities.

They can be made in various ways, but in any case, you will be able to attract attention, make an accent with your character.

Besides, some of the examples presented require almost no financial costs, because it is a secondary raw material that has found a new life.

If you need to make the interior design touches in a rustic style, or make adjustments to modern minimalism, that it would be easier and more comfortable, then feel free to use this idea.


Organic material delights


Unsurpassed antiquity, scratches, and chips can be easily provided as an original addition


Visual appeal and additional features in one image


Beautiful shades on the white background of the walls


Spectacular old thing


Simple but interesting solution


Playful combinations


Attractive headboard to match the textiles


Books that became the headboard


If you prefer a more unusual design of the headboard, you can try to combine an interesting image of non-traditional materials.

Maybe you have a bunch of books that you have already reread and do not want to give? Folded into a complex structure, they will be great scenery that is impressive.


A fun way to make more efficient use of space in a small home


The original installation


The similarity to ancient masonry


Another solution is to use books


Backs, which are a pattern on the wall


In most cases, the meaning of the headboard does not matter more than just a decorative element. This excludes its functionality and consists only of the visual impact on the overall picture.

As a result, you can replace the back with interior painting applied directly to the wall itself. This is just an illusion that looks beautiful and realistic and does not take up too much space.


A few strokes on a white background look quite attractive


Realistic patterns


Classical motifs


Simple but attractive


Unobtrusive addition of bright colors


Stylish and simple solution for children’s room


Luxury prints


Similar to the previous idea, only this print is more simple, it does not have to draw, but just… stick.

Their diversity will allow you to complement the design of the walls in the bedroom, make easy changes to the interior.


Chic antique style




Exquisite contrasts


Intricate decor


Interesting geometric design-delightful!


Juicy light green color on a white canvas


Creative idea for the decoration of children’s


Drawing Board


This way of decor looks very fun because it allows you to personalize the design the way you want it.

Draw a funny or inspiring pictures, messages for household members or different patterns. This option is an excellent choice for a children’s room.


Create your author’s image personally


Change the design style of the headboard to the mood


Creative design


Addition to the bedroom of a little athlete


Opportunity to create an author’s picture


Feel like a school teacher




Mirrors in the interior-it is always relevant solutions. They can have the most bizarre shapes, but will always add sensuality to the room, not to mention the fact that they will be able to visually expand the space.

They allow you to choose a very interesting frame.


Luxury dressing table


A noble way


Elegant bedroom


An old muddy mirror takes up a lot of space, but has not reflected anything for a long time? Make a headboard out of it. Unless you’re superstitious, of course.


Original DIY projects


Old doors are a way to add stylish touches to your bedroom.

This is another terrific option for those who prefer to use recycled materials, while it is an economical way.

Depending on the appearance, you can choose different accents that will harmoniously blend into the environment.

Also, old things in the interior will look impressive even in modern design.


Creative additions


eccentric antiquity in design


Stunning rustic style


Magnificent chandelier on an unusual background


Extraordinary interior


Interesting idea


Charming, integration into the classic design


Playful motifs


A way to bring bright colors into the atmosphere


Back, as a work of art


In case you need to focus the guest’s attention on one place in your bedroom, you can place various paintings or panels on the wall behind the bed.

Combine art with comfort and functionality.


Bright floral collage


Interesting three-dimensional prints


The poster that became the headboard


The original abstraction


Creations of modern art in the right view


Sensual lace motifs


Patriotic design


Such variations can be used in the interior of the bedroom for visual impact.

And it is not necessary to take the symbol of your country as a standard, maybe you like the attributes of another state, attracted by the combination of colors and lines?


Original solution


Design with your personality


Room in bright colors


A wonderful combination of wood and inspiring colors


Symbolic accents


Curtains for decor


Instead of a headboard, you can use home textiles in the composition and this is a good idea, especially if you have Windows decorated similarly.

Curtains add a pleasant and intimate atmosphere, comfort, and their texture will contribute to the personalization of this element of decor.


Original fabric with painting


Royal design


Light tulle and lighting help the interior of the room to be delicate and sensual


Romantic motives


Luxurious silk shimmer


Interesting combinations that attract attention


Dense fabric with contrasting vertical lines visually increases the height of the room


We offer you some more creative ideas for bed decor without headboard


We do not know what appeared first — the chandelier or the frames on the wall, but together they look very organic.



I think they’re copper trays. The simplest trays turned the interior into a picture from a magazine.



It is possible that once this shelf was an element of antique furniture. The second life was also a success.



The canopy itself is a beautiful piece of decor, and if picked up with taste and attention to detail, turns into a mini-masterpiece.



It’s black duct tape.



A mirror in the form of any symbol or ornament can now be ordered in almost any mirror workshop.



Oh Yes, it turns out that knitted napkins can make a powerful impression.



Gentle, calm and very feminine composition. You can find similar items in the “wall decor” section of any interior store.



It’s beautiful. In the store, such a thing you are unlikely to find but to order something similar in the workshop of decorative stucco certainly work.



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