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How to decorate an unfinished basement

Any private house can be imagined without a basement. After all, you need somewhere to have communications, store supplies.

Depending on the size of the house, in the basement, you can locate a gym, a swimming pool, and a billiard room. Of course, the decoration of such premises must correspond to the functionality of these premises.

And that the process of finishing and operation of the basement did not cause problems, you need to pay special attention to the zero cycle at the construction stage.

How to Build a Foundation is not our topic. The choice of construction depends on many factors: climate zone, soil type, number of stories of the building, groundwater level.

It is better to make a competent project at home by contacting the appropriate organization. If everything is done correctly, you do not have to pump out the water from the basement after a good shower, or constantly struggle with dampness.

And we will tell you how to decorate the basement in the house, and how to do it with your own hands.


Preparation for finishing


Most often, the walls of the ground floor are derived from reinforced concrete Foundation blocks. If the basement is not deeply buried, use blocks of foam concrete or brick. Here are the walls and have to decorate them.


Waterproofing device


Even if during the construction of the unfinished basement all the technological processes were performed correctly, and the soil drainage was made, it is still impossible to do without waterproofing. With it begins not only the decoration of the basement in the house but also the cellar in the barn or garage.

So. It is necessary to isolate from the influence of moisture all surfaces: a floor, walls, a ceiling, places of adjunction of door and window apertures, technological apertures. By the way, it is necessary to produce waterproofing of all exterior walls of the house, or at least the first floor.

The first thing to do is to carefully seal the joints between the Foundation blocks. To do this, they have performed strobe depth of 3-4cm, remove the dust and pieces of the solution, and lay in the joints of the repair composition, the so-called hydraulic seal.

Do not forget about the junction of the floor and wall planes.

Perform such work is necessary not only in the house under construction, but also if it is already in operation, and the basement waterproofing has not been performed properly. If during the construction of the basement, the high-quality mortar was used for masonry work, with the use of waterproofing additives, it will not be necessary to cut the joints.

They can simply be treated with a composition for waterproofing joints and reinforced with strips of fiberglass. Thus, a kind of hydraulic Board is created, preventing the penetration of water into the basement. On the packaging of any material, there is an instruction explaining how to use it.

Then it is necessary to treat the entire surface of concrete structures penetrating mixture. If you have to finish the cellar in the garage, as a coating waterproofing, you can use bitumen mastic – it will be much cheaper.

The modern industry offers a set of ready waterproofing structures and dry mixes of import and domestic production. Their quality is such that you can do without external waterproofing of the basement.

They deeply crystallize the concrete, displacing existing moisture from it, and block its further flow. Such waterproofing is performed only once, and this is enough for the entire life of the building.

With the use of such mixtures for waterproofing, it is even possible to finish the raw basement.






Thermal insulation of the basement


Having completed all the waterproofing work, before finishing the basements of houses, it is required to produce more and insulation of the walls and floor surfaces. Here, too, there is a large selection of materials used for this purpose.

As for the floor, the best choice of material for the device insulation will be expanded clay or foam chips. The low price of these materials provides significant savings, especially if the area of the basement is quite large.






The technology of this work is as follows: the concrete base is covered with polyethylene film, wooden logs are mounted. It can be metal profiles, as can be seen in our photo.



The resulting cell is filled with insulation and poured on top of the liquid cement mortar, which is drowned reinforcing mesh. It turns out the base of expanded clay concrete.

After a complete set of strength of this layer, the cement screed is performed in the form of a self-leveling floor. The resulting design will be the perfect base for any kind of decorative floor decoration.

If only for its finishing the ceramic tile will be used, the screed can not be done and put the tile, not on the glue, but on the solution-experts usually, do so. A tiled floor – one of the most suitable options for the basement.

Before finishing the walls in the basement, they also need to be insulated. But for this purpose, it is more convenient to use the materials made in the form of rectangular panels: polystyrene foam; mineral wool; isolation; vermiculite or basalt plates.



And this is not a complete list of thermal insulation materials. For their installation, a wooden crate is also made, with a step corresponding to the width of the plate.

To simplify the process, you can buy plates with a vapor barrier layer applied to their surface.

If the thermal insulation boards are ordinary, then after fixing them to the walls on the glue, you will need to glue the vapor barrier film on top. This role can play and fiberglass mesh-it should be used instead of the film if you want to perform plastering.




Further finishing depends on how the unfinished basement premises will be used. Where the boiler is located, it is simple enough to align the walls, making a screed, or a covering of cement-particle boards and paint.

Well, where there will be a recreation area or sports-you need to think and choose the right option.

  • For the gym special design is not required, it is enough to lay linoleum on the floor, paint the plastered walls and make a conventional modular ceiling of plasterboard perforated cassettes.







  • It is quite another thing – the pool. Ceramic floors, mosaic walls and suspended ceilings made of aluminum slats or cassettes will fit perfectly here. Well, if the modules will be perforated or cellular, it is necessary for good ventilation of the room.






  • If you decide to arrange a sauna in the basement, the most acceptable option is to finish it with a clapboard. As a decoration, you can make a panel of decorative stone or obliterate natural stone part of the wall.





  • The design of the rooms where guests are invited, work very carefully. Billiard’s room belongs to this category. The interior of this room is often performed in a classic style, using panels of natural wood, bamboo. The main decoration of the billiard room should be a ceiling with good lighting. Therefore, suspended glass or mirrored ceilings are the best solution in this case.








  • Well, if you decide to arrange a wine cellar in the basement, its design should be carried out in the style of an ancient castle-made of stone and wood. A stained glass window with interior lighting will complete the interior.







  • Include a Home Office. Change your storm cellar into your very own private home office. Your storm cellar will be your “me” room where you can put your PC, office furniture, office apparatuses, shelves, TV and your very own telephone unit. This is an ideal thought for individuals working at home and those that bring their work home, for example, planners, engineers, PC professionals, creators, and essayists. You can make the cellar any sort of office room you need yet remember, waterproof every last bit of your storm cellar on the off chance that you intend to have electronic gadgets and furniture where you will store your records.












  • Include a Theater Room. Make a home venue room. Your storm cellar will be each neighbor’s jealousy! You can watch films in your very own private performance center total with level screen TV, projector or home theater framework, speaker frameworks, lighting frameworks, theater situates, a private bar and one end to the other covering. You can hold motion picture time with your family, watch home recordings or just appreciate a football match-up in widescreen.








  • Add a Music Room to your Basement. One of the most mainstream storm cellar redesigning thoughts for youngsters is utilizing this space for band practice. If you play any sort of melodic instrument, at that point you could begin a band and practice in your very own music studio. The stunt is the room is it ought to be sound-sealed! The room could turn into a little stage. Make a temporary stage and afterward, place situates in the room where a group of people could sit. Lighting is likewise an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you need to make that stage impact.







  • About finishing the stairs leading to the basement, too, do not forget. It is decorated with marble, artificial stone, wood, metal-there are many options. The room under the stairs can be decorated a little easier than the sitting area. These walls are perfect: decorative plaster and fiberglass Wallpaper. And these are just a few options that we were able to tell you.










Pick your Style of Basement Ceiling – Basement Ceiling Ideas


Drop ceilings are basic for completed basement ceilings. Another thought that is picking up ubiquity for its mechanical feel is just painting the whole incomplete ceiling (counting any ventilation work, and so forth.) a strong color like dark or white. A flawless impact with the dull painted ceiling is then hanging nursery lighting from the pillars for a practically starry tasteful.

A few mortgage holders have joined beautiful bedsheets to the current wood shot ceiling, making a one of a kind look. The remove here is that, paying little heed to whether you have the assets to totally complete your basement or to give it to a greater degree a spending makeover, cautious arranging, and a receptive outlook can give you an exceptionally satisfying basement space.


Pick a Flooring for your Basement – Basement Flooring Ideas


Covering is a customary completed basement flooring, as is overlay or vinyl. Flooring decisions that are expanding in ubiquity for basements are concrete (either recolored, painted, or stenciled) and the utilization of reused materials to line the floors, (for example, plug, pennies, cowhide, or jug tops). My inclination is a smoothed solid, I’m constantly stressed over basement water issues whether it is a pipes issue or flooding from the inordinate downpour, it’s anything but difficult to tidy up and you don’t need to burn through cash on supplanting rug or hardwood.


Pick your Basement Paint Colors – Basement Paint Color Ideas


The basement paint colors you select are a significant decision. If you have a dim and bleak basement with negligible or no regular light, you ought to see lighter colors and intelligent surfaces that will reflect and diffuse the light. This won’t simply transform your space into a lighter and progressively agreeable space, however, remove the assumption or existing climate that basements are cool, dim, and discouraging.

At the point when you’re choosing your basement paint colors, think about the choice among warm and cool tones. You may have an extraordinary color as a main priority, yet in the event that it’s at an inappropriate finish of the color wheel, you could wind up with a room that doesn’t give the environment you’re after. Warm colors will bring vitality and exuberance into a room, while cool colors will make the room all the more quieting and unwinding. Before you choose a color, consider what you need to need your space to make you feel. A decent method to begin is by composing a rundown of emotions or characteristics you need your basement to pass on. Research the colors that will assist you with accomplishing those sentiments. Every room is extraordinary and we as a whole encounter color in an alternate way and have various inclinations, so utilize your preferences to control you.

After you’ve picked the room’s primary shade, your next choice is to pick the remainder of the color palette. It’s ideal to choose every one of your colors before you get the paintbrushes out. Finding the correct mix can take some time, yet the venture of time is justified, despite all the trouble.


Pick your Lighting – Basement Lighting Ideas


You have to consider the perfect basement lighting style so you can benefit as much as possible from this gigantic territory of your home. Your basement lighting relies upon what you need to do around there. The most appropriate lighting arrangement will ensure that you will have the option to do what you have to do. For example, you might want to change your basement into a home theater and because of this sort of remodel, ordinary lighting will not do! You need various sorts of lighting to improve how you watch motion pictures and lighting to center regard for significant zones of the room. Negligible lighting is likewise expected to accompany visitors to their seats and to leave your theater.

If you need to make this region of your home into an investigation region or a smaller than normal library then you need to attempt track lighting to highlight your assortment of books or a uniquely designed bookshelf. You may likewise require various lights for perusing and chipping away at your PC.

Changing your basement into your very own rec center may require regular sunlight lighting to assist you with focusing on your wellness exercises. You could likewise utilize spotlighting to feature certain wellness machines that you utilize, for example, treadmills, curved machines, and stationary bikes.

On the off chance that you need to make your very own game room, at that point an alternate basement lighting thought is best for this territory. Spot pendant lighting over your billiard table just as your air hockey table. Your assortment of pinball machines merits track lighting and disposition lighting as well! Card tables and dart sheets need exceptional center lighting also to enable you to make the most of your game.

Basement territories typically don’t get common light originating from the sun outside. Making an open passage or amassing a window is one extraordinary approach to get regular daylight into your basement. You need your basement to have sufficient lighting so it won’t look and feel dull.


Consider including an Egress Window


A departure window is an extraordinary method to add regular light to your basement if it’s totally underground. It additionally gives a spot where you could clear from your basement should a crisis occur, just as letting in natural air. It is prescribed that each room in a basement ought to have a departure window introduced and this incorporates the pantry or a utility room.

You pick an incredible basement departure window plan or a window style that will suit your taste, however, it’s presumably best to enlist a contractual worker to introduce it except if you realize what you’re doing. The development of your departure window involves exhuming the region where the window will be set, cutting into your establishment, and introducing the departure window unit. Purchasing departure windows ought to be done in the wake of estimating and evaluating the current territory. The window ought to be huge enough for individuals to go all through.

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