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Kitchen wall tiles design ideas

The kitchen is the most popular working area in the house. This room is characterized by high humidity, high temperatures, as well as in the kitchen are used to clean the surfaces of many harmful substances. These factors make a very serious approach to the choice of materials for finishing the interior of the kitchen.

“An important role is played by the decoration of this functional area, as this room is always filled with people. That is why it is important to create a friendly and warm atmosphere in the kitchen, which can help its proper decoration.”

In connection with all this, a logical question arises: how and what to decorate and equip the kitchen? The most difficult is the choice of material for the walls. And the most correct solution in this case will be tile. Ceramic tile is the most reliable and therefore the most popular material for kitchen wall decoration. The strength and durability of such tiles due to the special technology of its creation.

In addition to the high quality of good ceramic tiles, it is also characterized by a wide variety of design and color solutions. You can choose a tile that will fit into the interior design of any kitchen, and at the same time such a purchase will not hit your wallet.

Thanks to the use of this building material, you can correctly place accents in the kitchen and emphasize your good taste. In stores now presents a very wide selection of different tiles. All of it has an original design, structure, size of each link, as well as color scheme.


The main positive feature of tile is its complete safety for households. The composition of this building material is clay, which is fired in the production process of tiles. Under the influence of high temperature all possible harmful substances are killed.      Another positive quality that has a finishing tile of tile is its durability and strength. This material is very immune to external factors in the form of moisture and temperature, so the tile can long maintain its beautiful appearance.

Another important quality of tile is its heat resistance, it simply does not burn. In addition to the fact that the tile meets the requirements of fire safety, it is very poorly conducts electric current, so you can be calm and for their safety from the effects of electricity. For many Housewives, the following quality is important: the surface of the tile is very easy to care for, it is easily washed and cleaned. In addition, the tile does not create conditions for the spread of harmful bacteria.


  1. A night on the tiles…


You’ve picked the cupboards, worktops, and flooring yet there’s one increasingly fundamental component that can represent the moment of truth your fantasy plot. Kitchen wall tiles both ensure and customize the most diligent room in the house. Accessible in each colorway and an enormous scope of designed, finished or plain plans, these earthenware miracles are having a genuine minute. From intense splashbacks to present-day shapes, geometrics and mosaics, these excessively a la mode thoughts make certain to rouse.





  1. Navy fish-scale tiles


Chosen as their tile trend prediction for 2020, this midnight blue design from Topps Tiles is called Syren. With its reflexive completion and Art Deco-motivated shape, it figures out how to be both retro and current while bringing the glitz factor to any kitchen. Organize them with the most stretched out part at the top for a fan configuration, flip them over for a Moroccan-style tear or go flat to get the mermaid impact.





  1. Exotic artisan design


Interwoven example tiles that fit together like a jigsaw are ensured to look amazing whatever the blend. This natural component divider is comprised of eight French Provincial-style organizing plans and afterward broken up with concrete companions.







  1. Monochrome Moroccan


Bring the intriguing examples of one of the world’s best makers of handmade tiles into an advanced kitchen plot with a black and white color scheme. This vertical precious stone example carries a human touch to the splashback, because of the illustrative feel to the structure. Keeping an unbiased band in the waist of the divider enables you to get down to business with strong shading over the tiles and in your kitchen cupboards.





  1. Pretty pennies


The charmingly named ‘penny tiles’ are immortal and eye-getting, so settle on a decent decision for life span. The minor circles look fresh and clean into close yet will converge into a fascinating finished plain when seen from further away. Contingent upon what finish you pick they can light up your worktop space, bring a fabulous sparkle and include a fly of shading. This polished red splashback gives a high contrast kitchen a warm shine.








  1. New notable saints


Planned in Sweden and made in Morocco the staggering dandelion tile has constructed an enormous home interior and Instagram following lately – and we can perceive any reason why. The striking hexagonal shape and unique ‘dandelion clock’ structure look dazzling as a feature wall in any of its amazing colorways.




  1. Differentiating chevrons


Differentiating chevron tiles will make a smooth motion over a huge far-reaching wall space. Timberland green is a hot kitchen shading pattern at this moment. Use it in groups with a perfect white metro tile to make realistic arrows on a component wall. Additionally, the look can be effectively refreshed and re-tiled later as styles change.






  1. Scattered circles


Streamline and light up a little kitchen with coordinating floor and divider tiles. These encaustic-style tiles draw their motivation from the Art Deco time, however, the bigger scale theme leaves a lot of clear space so they don’t feel excessively occupied. The continuation of the solid example from floor to dividers makes a striking enhanced visualization that zones the kitchen in an open-plan space.






  1. Mini mosaic sheets


Smaller than normal mosaic tiles look mind-boggling and engaging and are too easy to apply. The montage of little tiles come pre-upheld on work to mount and grout the prepared set mosaics rapidly and effectively. Neutral shades are warm yet rich and enable the inconspicuous surface to sparkle.










  1. Striped hexagon tiles


Exactly when you thought you’d seen each variation from the honeycomb tile, somebody makes an entirely different approach to utilize them. This little scale splashback uses green and white striped units – some of which have been sliced down the middle – to make a boggling design. Once in a while, it peruses like a capital ‘Gs’, different occasions a column of bolts pointing left yet its realistic structure and striking methodology will consistently peruse as snappy.



  1. Hand-drawn creatures


Take motivation from a French nation kitchen and add some charming characters to your wall tiles. This sensitive forest range comprises of a stag, robin, bunny and owl drawings in a spotless monochrome palette, so you can include a pinch of natural appeal without presenting conflicting hues.



We suggest you to look at other options of wall tiles in this style.











  1. Split face texture


Include present-day surface with split face tiles in a clean yet warm ivory shade. Comprised of thin pieces of what is generally record and marble they have various profundities and points to make a multi-feature and natural surface. The general impact is common and pared-back, particularly when cooperated with oak wood cupboards and neutral walls.





  1. Optical illusion tiles


Move past the standard with these stunning tiles planned by Monica Förster Design Studio. They make a fantasy of a 3D space through concentric squares of step by step obscuring dark. The impact is delicate center geometric that will add profundity to the break. We could look at them all day!



  1. Budget-friendly border


There is no compelling reason to take a splashback as far as possible up to the bases of your kitchen divider units. The region most inclined to imprints in the lower half of the divider over the worktop. To get a good deal on tiles and establishment and make a fascinating component simultaneously, run a little fringe of tiles, a few inches high, along the highest point of your worktops and sink. We love the sharp way this outskirt flips the ‘U’ shape to make a straightforward example.





  1. Rich edging


For a professional completion and a dash of refinement add trim to half tiled walls. Regardless of whether it’s a differentiating metal or a delicate three-dimensional edge, vital edging includes a clean that is essentially not feasible from exposed tile edges.






  1. Boutique block


Infuse a dash of unobtrusive sheen into your kitchen scheme with a thin brick formed tile with an uneven surface that includes a touch of harsh with the smooth. Polished surfaces in three quieted shades of greenery green and dark look alleviating yet snazzy laid in a corner to corner herringbone design.






  1. Striking geometric shapes


Monochrome tiling will never leave style and looks striking in a jewel rehash. Mollify the look by picking dim and blue shades as opposed to the exemplary highly contrasting.






  1. Ceaseless Terrazzo


Carry on a brilliant kitchen plot with terrazzo propelled tiles. The on-pattern, sound example makes a lively yet consistent impact when utilized with a negligible grout line.







  1. Extended metro herringbone


Metro or tram tiles have been a firm tile most loved for the kitchens and restrooms for a few decades in any event thus these lengthened renditions make an invigorating update. The general impact is more refined than standard sizes and is especially striking when laid in a herringbone structure with contrasting grout.







  1. Inconspicuous geo blend and-match tiles


A delicate finished tile design in blend and match geo prints will make a quieting yet present-day stylish. Supplement the impact with an alleviating colorway like watery Eau de Nil which will lift pale kitchen surfaces.




  1. Dark grouting


Keeping it straightforward can in some cases be the best decision with regards to planning a kitchen that won’t date. White envelope tiles are normally spending plan neighborly and look great with practically any style of the kitchen however lay them with dark grouting to keep the look current.





  1. Shining glass tiles


Add some radiance to your kitchen with modest hexagonal glass mosaic tiles that will get the light and sparkle. Group with dim, lavishly shaded kitchen units for an on-pattern contemporary feel. These tiles will likewise benefit as much as possible from what light there is in a dim kitchen and their intelligent characteristics will likewise make a little space feel bigger.





  1. Tiled blocks of colour


Use tiles to construct squares of shading in your kitchen. This is an extraordinary impact to use to cause to notice a point of convergence, for example, a racking anteroom, as appeared here, or across a chimney breast. For a progressively unpretentious impact, decide on tiles that arrive in a scope of shades from light to dull to deliver an ombre-effect wall or floor.





  1. Blue and white country-style border


Nothing says ‘country’ like an Aga stove and the blue and white shading plan that brings to mind summer skies and pretty ceramics. Make the plan a stride further with two-tone divider tiles. Setting the more profound shading at the base of the room opens the space up and out, so it’s an extraordinary method to make a little kitchen feel greater.



  1. Really pink patchwork tiles


For a milder, finished look attempt these pretty interwoven tiles in shades of child pink, lilac, peach, and cream. Each tile has an alternate example engraved on its surface and together it makes a layered impact that is unendingly intriguing to take a gander at.



The same in other colors












  1. Mother-of-pearl country neutrals


Crossing over an unfilled stretch of divider between the kitchen counter and a thin dado rail cup rack, these mother-of-pearl tiles go about as a pretty enhancement and a handy splashback and look flawless in an impartial country kitchen.






  1. Customary herringbone


It’s not unexpected to see the customary herringbone tile example utilized on kitchen floors. For an increasingly present-day, restless look apply this course of action to kitchen dividers, either as a splashback, on a fireplace bosom niche or as an announcement divider to make an intriguing element of a kitchen/ diner eating zone.






  1. Finished red herringbone splashback


Include an intense colour and intriguing shape to your kitchen walls with a tiled fringe of finished red metro tiles laid in a herringbone design. This style of example uses up significantly less tiles than a layered brickwork succession, as is a financially savvy approach to make a plan include.



  1. Half-wall cladding


Separate an on-pattern dull blue kitchen with sparkling white shine tiles in that herringbone design. Utilize dark grouting to grapple the plan and attempt to coordinate similar hues on cupboards and walls.




  1. Tetris-style multi size tiles


It’s practically similar to a riddle, how these tiles of various shapes and sizes fit together. On the off chance that each tile was an alternate shading, this plan would be occupied yet because of the smooth glow and cool dark shading these tiles look bohemian and lavish.




  1. Basketweave mosaic tiles


These calm tiles create a subtle optical illusion thanks to a tiny dark square that looks like the holes in an open-weave basket. Extraordinary for a rich customary kitchen, utilize these to include surface without upsetting the parity of an impartial plan.




  1. Precious stone laid tiles


Square tiles don’t need to be laid along the flat line: for a period look orchestrate them in a slanting example, has appeared here. Although it looks trickier to introduce when the primary line has been effectively drawn the remainder of the tiles can be set apart out effectively with tile spacers. This increasingly strange format likewise adds enthusiasm to unbiased or plain-shaded tiles. You could even make a conventional warmth evidence worktop utilizing tiles in this design.





  1. Aluminum little mosaic tiles


One for the jaybirds among you, these glossy round tiles utilize an inward finished impact to play with the light, making them sparkle like gems. Impeccable with an advanced kitchen or to add the wow factor to a splashback.




  1. 3D finished tiles


These 3D finished tiles are an immense inside structure pattern and past, as level surfaces are supplanted with sculptural structures that stand apart from the wall. Some portion of their appeal is the shadow they have thrown, settling on white the conspicuous decision to benefit as much as possible from their one of a kind profundity.







  1. Marble chevron splashback


Get the look and feel of on-pattern marble at a small amount of the expense with these sharp tiles. You can pick genuine marble or a fake marble-like impact. Lay them in a chevron design with an also hued grout to add a pinch of luxury to your kitchen.







  1. Faux exposed brick tiles


Most inner dividers nowadays are developed from plasterboard or breeze squares. Regardless of whether you are fortunate enough to have wonderful genuine brick walls the expense of cleaning them and tidying them up could be restrictive. For a simpler to accomplish mechanical feel, consider fake uncovered block impact tiles. These are a lot simpler to keep clean than the real thing and look phenomenal.




  1. Rounded tiles


Tiles don’t need to be quadrilateral in shape. These rounded tiles in an assortment of delicate hues give a great fish-scale impact to this kitchen divider. The establishment will be fiddlier than it is with standard-molded tiles, in any case, so they may take more time to fit and be increasingly costly to introduce.






  1. Country-style mural


Add a decorative flourish to a country kitchen with a tiled wall mural. Set over a little space, for example, over a range cooker, as appeared here, in a niche or as a splashback behind a hob or sink. On the off chance that you need something one of a kind, an expert tile painter can be authorized to make a bespoke bit of work of art on tiles for you.




  1. Blend and-match hexagon tiles


Hexagon tiles are right around an alternate way to an easily slick kitchen and are staggeringly simple to fit gratitude to their geometric shape. Blend and match tiles inside a tonal palette to keep things smart and present-day or stick to one shading and utilize a dark grouting to show the example.







  1. 3D square tiles


In the riads of Morocco, these tiles can be seen decorating the floors of obscure yards and now, because of some eagle-eyed at trailblazers, they are to be found in planner kitchens and restrooms everywhere bathrooms the world. Accessible in a mob of shades, they join realistic shapes with a simple shading plan trio that works with both present-day and conventional cabinetry.





  1. Mix-and-match rectangular tiles


A basic tile in at least two hues can be masterminded to make a satisfying brightening design. Here a blend of grayish, greenery green and pistachio tiles wonderfully set off the customary cream-hued kitchen units. For a progressively contemporary look, use contrasting colours with a neutral, so indigo and copied orange with white, greenish-blue cerise and ivory or mustard, white and grey.



  1. Matt dark brickwork


Dull and surly kitchens are a current hot pattern so dark tiles are ending up progressively well known. Rather than a gleam search for a matt dark surface for a more modern completion and proceed with the sensational articulation with coordinating dark worKtops.






  1. Mirrored tiles


If your kitchen is on the small side or enjoys very little natural light, fix mirrored tiles to all the walls. This will make a viable optical deception that will make the room feel a lot deeper and more open than it is. Mirrored tiles will likewise skip what light there is in the space further around the room and cause it to seem a mess more brilliant as well. They can be precarious to keep clean, however.






  1. Neutral country kitchen tiles


Tiles are an extraordinary expansion to a stylistic theme plot when they’ve been considered as a piece of the whole structure. Here, the rich country shades of stone grays and beiges supplement the painted wooden kitchen and peg hook topper.





  1. Square tile splashback


In case you’re on a strict spending it is just extremely important to ensure the wall behind your sink and hob from sprinkles. The remainder of the wall can be painted. This little splashback zone can be protected generally efficiently with tiles. In a little space, as appeared here, pick plain light-hued tiles that mix in with the encompassing wall paint. This will tie the entire inside plan together and furthermore make the room feel somewhat bigger.



  1. Gold matrix mosaics


In some cases, it just takes one component to lift the plan of a kitchen from the lovely into the glorious. These glass tiles in antique gold make a glossy splashback, a warm contrast to the useful white units and countertop.





  1. Encaustic tiles


Encaustic tiles utilize various sorts of clay as opposed to glazes to  and shading to the individual units. Accessible in a scope of shades and impeccably great in a blended interwoven of plans, there is something in particular about this monochrome plan that works perfectly as a brightening focal point.






  1. Spanish-style star tiles


What’s not to adore about these superbly pink Pradena tiles? Not exclusively are they the ideal shading to antithesis a naval force kitchen, however, their star theme additionally figures out how to be both enchanting and present day. The structure depends on a conventional Spanish style and would work in practically any shade we can consider.




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